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BConference is Pleased to Present Katya Dorozhkina and Henri Bergstrom Speakers at the Event

Click here to view original web page at We are proud to announce two great new speakers in the run up to our Abu Dhabi Сonference in December, 2017, they are, Co-founder/Head of Accelerator ‘Starta Accelerator’ Katya Dorozhkina and Advisor in Business Development at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Henri Bergstrom. Katya Dorozhkina is an […]

SEC Files Charges Against Two ICOs

Click here to view original web page at The SEC has made good on its warning to ICOs regarding tokenization schemes as unregistered securities. The charges were leveled at REcoin and DRC (Diamond Reserve Club), both ICOs founded by Maksim Zaslavskiy. Real estate coin scam REcoin was initially touted as a coin offered with […]

The SEC has charged two initial coin offerings with defrauding investors

Click here to view original web page at The Security and Exchange Commission today has charged both a diamond and a real estate initial coin offering scheme with defrauding investors. REcoin, which promoted itself as the first cryptocurrency-backed real estate company and DRC World, a diamond company, are owned by businessman Maksim Zaslavskiy. The […]

SEC Files Charges Against Fraudulent Real Estate And Diamond-Backed Token Offering Companies

Click here to view original web page at News law and legislation RECoin and DRC World defrauded investors and engaged in virtually no business activities despite claiming to offer sizeable returns, alleges the SEC. Today, the agency filed charges against businessman Maksim Zaslavskiy and his two companies. On September 29, 2017, the Securities Exchange […]

The SEC comes down on 2 cryptocurrency-based fundraising schemes

Click here to view original web page at SEC charged a man for allegedly running two fraud ICOs. Ethan Miller/Getty Images The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a man and two companies for operating fraudulent initial coin offerings. According to a statement released Friday, the financial watchdog alleges Maksim Zaslavskiy and his two […]

Research Bundles and Paper Color

Click here to view original web page at Programming note: Money Stuff will be off tomorrow, back on Thursday. Fiduciaries, etc. In Europe, banks that provide research to customers will soon be required to charge those customers for that research. One regulatory goal there is price transparency and unbundling: Rather than pay one bank […]

GoldMint’s Bold Quest Into the Future

Click here to view original web page at GoldMint’s Bold Quest Into the Future Gold’s long, storied history as a prized precious metal dates back to ancient times. It garnered official status in the 19th century, when a number of European countries adopted the gold standard. Over the centuries, gold has achieved the distinction […]