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Ripple Market Capitalization Soars, Surges Past Ethereum

Ripple tokens have hit a massive upswing in market capitalization over the last day, surging past Ethereum and nipping at bitcoin’s heels. Also Read: Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Considers Bitcoin At end of day May 14, Ripple’s market capitalization was at about $8,345,000,000. Ripple continued surging well into the next day at about $11,500,000,000, […]

Coinbase Launches Margin Trading on GDAX for Institutional Traders

Coinbase announced on Monday the launch of margin trading on its digital currency exchange platform, GDAX, tailored for professional traders and institutional clients. Also read: SEC Rejects Rule Change for Bitcoin ETF  Interest from Institutional Investors “Over the last few years, we have seen growing interest from institutions that desire advanced trading features”, said Adam White, head of […]

Top 6 Countries Enforcing Capital Controls

In the financial world, consumers are often tricked into believing they can exert control over their money at any given time. That is far from the case, as a lot of regions actively enforce capital controls to reduce the amount of money leaving the national economy. Below is a brief overview of some countries actively […]